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Union Conference/Conference ASAM Websites: Local Church ASAM Websites Does your Union Conference/Conference have an ASAM website? Send us an email with your Union Conference/Conference name and web address and we will be happy to add it to our links page.
Adventist Resources
  • ASAM QuickStart Guide
    This guide breaks the task down of starting and running an Adventist Single Adult Ministry into understandable and easy to accomplish steps. Find information for initiating the idea, raising funds, delegating responsibilities, program planning, and more. Available through AdventSource at or 800.328.0525.
    Provides a wide variety of ministry leadership resources, including christian resources for singles ministry groups.
    Visit the ASAM forum. This form provides opportunities to dialogue with other single adult ministry leaders, as well as those interested in attending events. For more information contact Darlene Reimche at
  • Whole In Jesus
    ASAM Sabbath Materials
Non-Adventist Resources: Archived Articles:
  • 2009 ASAM Convention - Click here for the article detailing the exciting event!
  • Adventist Singles Do Mission - by Patty Hare - When people hear the term “Adventist Singles,” many think of socializing, dating, searching for a life partner. But Adventist Singles involves more than that. It’s also about mission. Click here to read the article.
  • 8 Single Principles by Brian Mavis - What are the keys to starting and growing a ministry that reaches singles? A panel of singles pastors agreed that every singles ministry—small or large—is based on 8 specific principles. Click here for the article.
  • So, You're Single....Pastor John M. Scott talks about the positive aspects of being single and offers advice and encouragement. Click here for the article.
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