Dennis Franck Interview on How To Start A SAM
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Dennis Franck Interview on How To Start A SAM
In an interview with Dennis Franck, Assemblies of God SAM Director he tells of how a church can start a Single Adult Ministry. His is probably the #1 SAM in N America:

Evangel: What steps can local churches take to develop single-adult ministries?

Franck: Because there are not many full-time single-adult ministry pastors in our churches, laypersons lead single-adult ministries. Those who are married again understand single and single-again people and what it takes to rebuild their lives.

A church may not have something for all ages of singles, but it can have a class for one age group or one need group. Age groups include college, young adult, singles 30-plus, seniors 55-plus. Need groups include never-married, single parent, divorced, widowed, separated.

Singles themselves will become involved because they will support the groups they helped to create.

A packet of material for beginning a single-adult ministry is available from the Single Adult Ministries Agency office. E-mail me at:

Evangel: Give practical ways Christians can get involved in ministry to singles.

Franck: Married couples can invite singles to dinner and remember them on holidays. Or they can give single moms a four-hour break on Saturday just to read, shop or be alone.

Send cards or call single-again persons (divorced or widowed) to let them know you are praying.

College and young-adult singles (ages 18-28 ) enjoy home-cooked meals.

Offer to serve refreshments in singles classes.

Evangel: Anything else?

Franck: A church of any size must understand the issues singles face and be prepared to help. Many singles are hurting from the pain of divorce and need the love and care the church can provide. They are gifted and want their lives to count for the Kingdom.

The Single Adult Ministries Agency of the Assemblies of God wants to help local churches minister to the 79 million singles in America.

*Statistics show that In the United States of all adults 18 years & older: 23 percent never married (46 million); 10 percent divorced (20 million); 7 percent widowed (13 million); and 4 percent separated (6 million)
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RE: Dennis Franck Interview on How To Start A SAM
My big beef is that we need more leaders! More people who are willing to lead. It is very discouraging at our events when I do it all because no one else will help. Where are all these guys and gals? It is sooooo very discouraging!!! Come on, get involved, you are desperately needed! Jesus died for more single adults than just those who come to our events. We must do all we can to reach them for Him!
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RE: Dennis Franck Interview on How To Start A SAM
So, if we need more leaders, have you ever offered to lead a ministry in your church? Have I? I'd have to say 'yes' I have. I've been leading a conference ministry since I first got involved in 1991. I just happened to be at an event where things were very disorganized and I said to myself "I'm not going to complain, I'm just going to go and offer to help. And yes I did. Do I regret it? No! Never! I feel that God has really used me and continues to do so.

So, what about you?
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RE: Dennis Franck Interview on How To Start A SAM
I still like what Dennis Franck has to day. He is very experienced and knows what he is talking about. So, why not try his way to starting a Single Adult Ministry in your church.......
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