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Super Bowl Sunday

The Lord will make a list of those who are His and will take into consideration where they were born. Psalms 87:6, Clear Word.

It was the Big Day–Super Bowl Sunday, January 26, 2003. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders were playing in San Diego, California. My husband was excited and wanted me to share in his enthusiasm for the game.

You will need to understand the difference in our backgrounds. Bill’s mother died when he was 3, and his father when he was 5. Since his dad had been an engineer on the railroad, he and his two older brothers were sent to Junior Order Home in Tiffin, Ohio, in 1920. There, he and 1,000 other children were well nourished, clothed, and schooled. They were also thoroughly immersed in sports, including baseball and football. He proudly showed me the stadium where they played when we visited there after we married.

The only other person we know who was in the Home at the same time Bill lived there, and later joined our church, was Robert Francois. He learned linotype while in the Home and later used that training to work his way through the theology course, becoming a professor of religion. Before his death, he and Bill enjoyed reminiscing about the sports program at Tiffin.

As for my background, my family was very poor. The eldest of seven children, I learned early in life to enjoy work more than play–and still do! So I can’t get enthusiastic about Bill’s game, though he has begged me to watch at least the first quarter with him as he patiently explains the different plays and interprets the signals of the referee.

So I decided that instead of thinking it a waste of time, I could pray for each player. Bill pointed out one of the team members who was religious and could be seen making the sign of the cross while on the field. He assured me that their team would win the game.

It was estimated that 8 million people around the world, including the soldiers preparing for war with Iraq, watched that game. I’m not sure what the Lord thinks about football, but I do know He loves all those players out there on the field, and I trust Him to answer my prayers on their behalf.

By the way, the Bucs won, 48-21!

–Rubye Sue

from A Word from Home
Ardis Stenbakken (editor) | Review & Herald (2005)
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