How To…

Start a Ministry in Your Church

Adapted from the QuickStart Guide to Single Adult Ministries, AdventSource, NAD Family Ministries (link at right).

Identify the Singles in Your Church – Begin with your circle of influence! Include single adult church members, neighbors, and coworkers. Compile a list of who you know. Ask your pastor and church members to add names to your list. Collect name, address, phone, fax and e-mail addresses.

Identify the Singles in Your Area – If you can find a single adult ministries directory or mailing list of singles in your area, contact 10-12 names to ask if they would be interested in meeting to discuss singlehood. Plan a business meeting in a quiet environment, either at the church, or a private room at a restaurant. Don’t ask them to jump into single adult ministries. Just plan to get together to discuss singlehood!

Remember, Singles Go Where Singles Are – The fellowship of the evening may blossom into an enjoyable experience and a concern for the needs of others, which could result in planning a second meeting and provide the option of inviting other singles to join you. Whether you develop as a group, a club, or a ministry will depend on your motive, interest, experience, training, etc. With your core group, you will need to define where you want to start, and the direction you want to grow. This will take time. Remember too, that God is working. Let Him lead!

If you see a bigger picture, and want to start an organized Adventist Single Adult Ministries in your church, you will want to organize as a ministry in your local church.

QuickStart Guide for Adventist Single Adult Ministries

Click here to order your copy of the ASAM Quick Start Guide, a great resource for anyone working with Adventist Single Adult Ministries.